Advanced Networking Systems

The Advanced Networking Systems is a research group at the Department of Information Engineering (DII) of the University of Brescia. The group stems from the encounter of Prof. Francesco Gringoli, leading research in networking in Brescia for many years, and Prof. Renato Lo Cigno, who recently came to Brescia in the framework of the “Dipartimento di Eccellenza” (Excellence Department) grant assigned by MIUR (the Italian Ministry of Education and Reseach) to DII, and it is part of the Telecommunications research area.

The area of expertise of our group are computer and communication networks in all their flavors, application areas and inter-disciplinary connections, but with some specific topics where we are more active than others. Networks are at the heart of modern, distributed computer science and communication engineering, and dealing with real experts can make the difference in business and industry. Apart from the obvious observation that the Internet is the communication network today, and it is the driving force of the digital revolution, all aspects of modern economy spin around the transfer and manipulation of information, from Social Networks to Industry 4.0, to Intelligent Transport Systems, the Internet of Things and almost whatever keyword that pops up in newspapers and TV shows. Indeed, even TV is more and more based on network-based distribution and broadcast-based TV is slowly dwindling to a marginal role.

The group works with theoretic, experimental, and simulation methodologies, applying them to different technological and application areas. We are currently very active in wireless networks, network controlled systems, overlay systems, Peer-to-Peer distribution, LAN and WAN systems, networks performance and management, and many other sectors.

Academic events

The ANS group is organizing two academic events:

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The ANS group received the Best Paper Award at WiNTECH 2021 for the paper “AX-CSI: Enabling CSI Extraction on Commercial 802.11ax Wi-Fi Platforms”. The paper is available on the ACM Digital Library.

Last year, the ANS group has also been awarded the Mario Gerla Best Paper Award at MedComNet 2021 for the paper “Passive Device-Free Multi-Point CSI Localization and Its Obfuscation with Randomized Filtering”. The paper is available on IEEE Xplore; you can find a local preprint version here.

We are proud of the outcome of the CSI-MURDER experiment, part of the ORCA project. Learn more in the projects section.

The research on this topic goes on with the DI-P2SL projects. Theses are available on this topic and we are seeking support to make it part of openwifi and its impact durable.

Scientific Publications


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